February 8, 2012

Where have I been?

     I don't know why I have not posted here about all that's going on...so very sorry.  So excited about all that I am doing for my blog and well myself.

       First my blog....I have bought my website ~ woo hoo!! So now I can be found at LadyBren.com
The site is still under construction~ I truly had NO idea how much went into creating a website from scratch and after days of spinning my head I decided to use WordPress as my design/hosting page.

     Second me... I have not been very healthy with my lifestyle choices this past year (and NO I am not playing the stroke card here at all).  So I am going to make my life pretty much an open book in regards to the changes I will be making.  In the past I was incredibly successful using a combination of tools.  The easiest to share with you is sparkpeople.  Here's a link to my Sparkpeople page  FYI you won't actually see my weight I'm not that open or that brave :0)~~~ Sorry you can no longer view SP pages unless you are a member.. which is free HINT HINT
    In addition to SparkPeople I have been asked as a blogger to join a beta version of SlimKicker.  The designer Christine asked to me check it out.  Here's how she describes it:
I'm making an app that turns living healthy, and fitness into a RPG game, where users earn points, and "level up' as they achieve their goals. Everytime they eat something healthy like vegetables, they earn points. Everytime they complete a workout, they earn points. You can upload an image of something you'll reward yourself at each level for further motivation, such as new clothes, a spa, vacation, etc.

Each level will present different challenges. The challenges will follow a certain structure. Goals like keeping track of everything you eat, or taking the stairs for a week. Small, concrete goals rather than abstract ones like "be healthy" or "exercise more". The whole point is to create a holistic framework/game that frames living healthy into an empowering journey, and something you can achieve.

So what does it hurt to check it out and give it a go.  The site is VERY new and I've found a couple of spelling errors and such.  But I'm all for trying something new! Once I am comfortable with that I'll share my page and such.

Doesn't sound like much I know but I have been busy with those things and life of course.

Until my website is complete I will continue to post here.  But please feel free to head over and see what's happening until my big reveal :0)


  1. Congrats on the new domain. Wordpress is awesome. Once you get through the learning curve, you'll love it =)

    Good luck on the healthy endeavors! That app sounds interesting.


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