Movie Trailers

I Love Trailers!!! The more the better as far as I'm concerned. 
The links will take you to the movie's offical trailer on IMDB, unless I've reviewed them already 
I now have a Pinterest Page devoted to Trailers with more thoughts ~ visit and 
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In order of upcoming Release Dates:
*Are my choice for that weekend

United Kingdom February 10th ~ Looks so good

Get Out February 24 ~Modern twist on Stepford Wives? ~ looks so creepy
*Bitter HarvestFebruary 24th ~ Historical; Ukraine during Stalin's time  Definitely Big Screen

Before I Fall March 3 ~Think dramatic teenage girl version of Ground Hog Day ~ probably No
*The Last Word March 3 ~ Comedy with Shirley MacLaine as an old bitter woman
Logan March 3 ~ Superhero/Action ~ Not a big Wolverine fan,  
Shack March 3rd ~ Wasn't a fan of the book but love Octavia 

The Belko Experiment March 17th ~Think:Purge meets Office Space ~ Not for me

*Life   March 24  ~ Sci-Fi/Space/Thriller with interesting cast ~ I'll probably see this 
Wilson March 24 ~ Comedy with Woody Harrelson 

Ghost in the Shell March 31~ Sci-Fi Hoping for screening tickets, don't want to pay to see this
T2 Train Spotting  March 31~Drama/Comedy Have
*Zookeeper's Wife March 31st ~ Historical, WWII, Jessica Chastain

Going in Style April 7 ~ Comedy,  Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine & Alan Arkin rob a bank

Gifted April 12 ~ Looks sweet but depends what else is out

Guardian of the Galaxy 2  May 5th ~Toddler Groot OMG!! 

Snatched  May 12 ~ Comedy version of Taken with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer ~ probably N0

Pirates: Dead Men Tell No Tales (#5) Action/Comedy ~ we've enjoyed the others 

The Mummy June 9th ~ Why did they remake this? And with Tom Cruise ~ a weak maybe  

Dunkirk July 21st ~ Has Ms M's favorite 1D so we'll be at midnight showing

Movies I didn't see that are still in theatres
Rings February 3~ Horror: I don't do horror
50 Shades Darker February 14th ~ didn't see the first so..

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