December 9, 2013

Take Howie Mandel's Fibs or Facts Quiz #stroke

     Howie Mandel is the National Stroke Association's spokesperson.  He's campaigning to educate people with a Fibs or Facts Quiz and help raise $25,000. (Don't worry it won't cost you a penny)
Photo of Howie Mandel
If were to ask you to tell you three things about Howie Mandel your answers might include 
1. He is a game show host
2. He is Canadian
3. He suffers from mysophobia/germaphobia
     What most people don't know is that Howie Mandel lives with Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) not caused by a heart valve problem.  For those of us without a medical degree this means he, along with approximately 5.8 million people in the U.S., has an irregular beat and also has a higher risk for stroke.  In fact people with this type of Afib are 5 times higher than the average person to have a stroke.
     The National Stroke Association has partnered with Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Pfizer on a Fibs or Facts educational campaign.  In addition to raising Stroke and Afib awareness the campaign has the potential of raising $25,000 for the National Stroke Association. You can help them reach that goals by simply taking the Fibs or Facts Quiz.
     Everyone reading this knows someone living with the effects of Stroke.  I can make that statement because you're reading MY BLOG which came about during my stroke recovery.  We all know monies for medical research is limited so here is a way you can contribute and it is only going to cost you 5 minutes of your time.  While there is no "CURE" for a stroke, prevention and awareness are the most important tools we have.  So please help the National Stroke Association reach their goal of $25,000 and take the
Fibs or Facts Quiz
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