December 6, 2012


 I've decided my Holiday issues are all President Roosevelt's fault!  Why he had to mess with Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation I just don't understand.  Lincoln had it right when in October of 1863, you know what he said it better than I can: "to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise".  In 1939 Roosevelt, succumbing to pressure from retailers wanting more than 24 shopping days before Christmas, moved the date that year from November 30th to November 23rd. People were in such an uproar that only 23 states moved the date, 23 states stayed with the 30th and 2 states couldn't decide so they actually celebrated two Thanksgivings that year.  Finally in 1941 Congress passed a law declaring Thanksgiving to be the 4th Thursday of every November.
     You might be wondering why did I just give you a history less some two weeks after Thanksgiving?  Because I am so behind on everything this year!! You'd think that with Thanksgiving being early that meant there would be extra time for Christmas preparation~ have you ready any of my blogs???  I had serious issues with the holiday being so early. It seemed they were playing Christmas music as soon as we turned the calendar to November.  The Christmas Tree Lots were up and running while turkeys were still defrosting (like a tree might really live long enough if you buy it before Thanksgiving).  UGGH the whole thing just put me off my game.
     So here it is already the end of the first week of December and what have I gotten done for the holiday???? NADA  That's right a big whopping zero.  Outside of a few gifts bought early on I haven't even done any real shopping.  OK my kids are all teens (oops sorry one twenty-year old as she keeps reminding me) and they basically just want gift cards BUT STILL.  Cards aren't signed, decorations aren't out, baking hasn't started, I'm just totally off my game.
    I firmly believe that the reason Roosevelt moved the holiday from the last to the fourth Thursday of November no longer holds any water.  The idea of retailers needing more shopping days is absolutely CRAZY.  If they respected the idea that the Christmas shopping season started AFTER Thanksgiving I might give them some credence however I dare you to find me one box store that doesn't start putting out Christmas decorations before the Halloween candy has been grabbed up by  trick or treaters.  Macy's Parade and the idea of escorting Santa in on Thanksgiving day is wonderful ~ had the Christmas songs not started before we all voted.  FYI according to a poll done by SOASTA 78% of Americans also think stores should refrain from playing Christmas music til after Thanksgiving.
    With all of that being said......

Royal Decree of 6 December 2012 concerning the return of Thanksgiving to the last Thursday in the month of November.
We BREN, by the grace of God and continuous medication, Lady of ALL, wife, mother to three children, two dogs and chickens
Believing the World would run better following my opinions and the Proclamation of the United States President Abraham Lincoln dated October 1863; 

Have approved and understand that:
 Article 1 
Starting with the year of our lord 2013, the American holiday of Thanksgiving shall be permanently moved to and celebrated on the last Thursday of November regardless of whether there are four or five Thursdays in said month
Article 2
Retailers shall acknowledge the consumer's ability to continue with their holiday shopping regardless of the music playing or the store's decorations.  Therefore said retailers shall refrain from the playing of holiday music as well as the displaying of candy canes, snowmen and any other holiday paraphernalia until Black Friday shopping commences
Article 3 
This Royal Decree will become active on the day after its publication and the inevitable acceptance by the United States Congress

The Royal Place in my Mind,
6 December 2012

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