September 15, 2012

Where did the summer go?

     I'll be honest I hadn't planned on taking the summer off but in retrospect it was a really good thing that I did.  Not that there wasn't a lot going on that I wanted to share with you because heaven forbid my life be without any drama ~ good or bad.  The summer just WAS.
     So now I am back.  Ready to share, explore, and rant.  And boy do I have some great rants just percolating.  I am going to try a new format for a bit and we'll see how it goes.  I have noticed a lot of blogs have a pattern of sorts and I've been playing around with that concept.  Starting Monday with that in mind here is what I am going to try:

Monday and Thursday ~ My world views; remember the world would run better if it ran according to ME
Friday ~ Food.

While I may post on other days these three days are a definite guarantee.

There's a reason that Food is Friday (not only because they both start with F though I do like that).  Since we last visited hubby and I joined weight watchers.  We attend meetings on Thursday nights so Friday I will share the results, both good and bad.  In the 12 weeks that we've been following Plan I have lost 27.2 pounds.  (I am imagining excessive applause and cheering).  It haven't been easy and I'll be honest I had two weeks where the scale went the wrong way, so I promise to share the good and the sad,

     So I'm back and boy do I have some dozy tales to share from the summer so stay tuned


  1. Lots of cheering for you here! Clap Clap...way to go! I've heard great success stories from friends on Weight Watchers--it really does seem to work so keep it up and share some tips, recipes, etc with us!

  2. Thank you SandBox :)I definitely plan on sharing all I can and it is going to be a LONG process so I'll have tons to share!


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