July 8, 2012

I've said it before...

.... there are some people born with part of their brains missing.  However with this certain group thank heavens for people like them.

     As mentioned in a previous post I enjoy shouting at the TV when I see people choosing to do simply stupid and life threatening activities ~ like say choosing to take a ride on a shark's fin.  Tonight hubby and I watched a TV show that had me screaming at the fools one minute then being absolutely fascinated oh so grateful they are doing what they do the next.  History Channel has a new series called Shark Wranglers.  Here's their tag:
On the far side of the Atlantic Ocean, in some of the world's most treacherous waters, Chris Fischer and his crew of the shark research vessel OCEARCH are on a mission to decode the mystery of one of the planet's most notorious predators: the great white shark. Fischer and the crew risk life and limb to tag and track the great whites, revealing where they feed, breed and prowl. 
Now when they say risk life and limb they truly mean it.  What these scientists do is catch a great white shark in their "little boat" then tow it to their anchored floating ocean laboratory.  Attached to their lab is what they call the cradle, which I think looks like a giant porch, that they lower into the water.  One of the scientists gets out of the little boat and jumps onto this cradle with the job of guiding the towed shark onto it.  ***I was honestly screaming at the TV at this point because did I forget to mention that the shark is not SEDATED in anyway shape or form.  Actually it is pretty pissed considering it has just been towed how many miles and there are buoys attached to the line to prevent the shark from diving.  So yes please sign me up to jump on the cradle and guide the 300 teeth attached to this 400+ pound pissed off fish onto while I am barefoot and have no weapons whatsoever!
     Once the shark is on the cradle it is lifted out of the water  A wet towel is put over the shark's eyes to calm it down, we don't want to stress it out anymore. (yeah I had a bunch of comments here) The team has 15 minutes to run tests, install trackers and remove the hook.  That's right someone puts their hands into the shark's mouth ~ the one with 300 teeth, and removes the hook.  One of the questions hurled at the TV during this scene.... Do you let your significant others watch the show??? What about your life insurance agents??
     While you couldn't pay me any kind of money to even be the chef on this boat what these brave men are willing to do in the name of science is fascinating.  During this premiere episode they showed footage of a Japanese ship catching Great Whites, cutting off their fins (while still alive) and throwing the dismembered sharks back into the ocean.  It seems Shark Fin soup is regaining popularity and fins sell for upwards of $1,000/pound.  The mission of  Ocearch is to not only study Great Whites and use that info to stop human attacks but to hopefully prevent the extinction of this species.
    We've set the DVR to record the series so once a week I'll be screaming at the TV then praising the fools at the end.


  1. Sounds an alot like what I do when watching TV! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to set my DVR and check this show out.

  2. Tamylee let me know what you think


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