June 24, 2011

I'm Really More of a Daisy Girl

     I guess you could say I was a cheap date.  I really wasn't into expensive restaurants.  I didn't ask for jewelry.  And when it came to flowers I definitely didn't want roses.  They just seemed too much.  Give me daisies anytime.  Honestly my favorite flowers are tulips and hyacinths but they're incredibly short seasoned.
So you can imagine my surprise when I learned that there is a rose called Lady Bren.  That's right not just Bren but Lady Bren.  The cultivator named it for his wife.... how sweet.
       Herre's the thing. I was feeling not my cheeriest best.  Two completely unrelated issues just caught me off guard and I was moping plain and simple.  My day had been going pretty OK.  I tried a new recipe at dinner that was a hit then settled into watching Amelia with Michael and Em.  I was actually getting ready for bed when bam 1 then bam 2.  Ugghh.
     So to distract my self I was playing around on the blogger website learning different things when I saw the suggestion to google your blog name and see how high it places.  Yeah I rank 3rd.  There is a Lady Bren on LotteryPost who is very lucky and into astrology, she's number 2.  Ranked both 1st and 4th were references to a Lady Bren Rose.  Well you know I wasn't going to let that one go.  The Lady Bren rose is fairly new as it was introduced in 2004.  Finding info on it took some extreme digging and a number of pictures wouldn't let me copy them.  I learned it is a miniature with blooms averaging 2" yet having 26-40 petals. It is pink with a while reverse (?),  And it is available commercially~~ I don't grow roses.
     You know that staying stop and smell the roses.  I was never a big fan of that expression, maybe because I'm very allergic to bees so stopping and smelling a rose bush not the best of ideas.  But I get it.  The idea of slowing down enough to enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer.  WELL I am going to tweak that a bit.  I mean there I  was just really feeling left out and bummed.  I could have let that stew.  Heck I could have fussed about it to you. Being completely honest I thought I'd play Monopoly thinking that would lighten my mood but b/c that's such a mindless game at times it left me still thinking about the 2 situations. But a simple exercise completely changed my entire mindset.  And look what I found~~
     Now I am not suggesting that you all go and search to see if there is a rose named for you.  Here is the website if you want to see if there is one :)   But really for me this new approach of  redirecting frustration is great.  I know some people clean when they're upset.... so not me, though my house wishes it was.  In the past I usually I push frustrations or disappointments deep down or turned to food for my comfort.... oh there is some cheese in the fridge...nah.  For most of you this is probably old news and you've got that redirection skill down pat.   For me as I'm trying to learn new ways of dealing with disappointments/stress I get a little jazzed when something new works.

     So instead of going to bed grumpy and looking to a night of fidgety sleep I will now dream of bouquets of Lady Bren Roses *thornless of course.

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