Lady Bren at the Movies

     I absolutely love going to the movies.  We are incredibly fortunate that our theatres offer $6 movies which make it very affordable to support my addiction hobby.  I've also been fortunate to occasionally receive tickets to pre-release screenings!
     We try to see movies the weekend they're released.  I also love to attend movies with a full theatre. As far as I'm concerned there's no point in seeing an animated or hero/action movie without a theatre full of kids.  We enjoy seeing a variety of movie genres but animated is my absolute favorite.  My other favorite part of the movie experience is the previews.  I am a bit obsessive about them; I keep a list so I can check off all that I've seen. You can check out the previews I've seen here

In addition to reviewing the movies I'm ranking them in order of Best to Worst

     I'm grading the movies as well as letting you know if it should be viewed on the Big Screen or Small Screen.  The movie links will take you to my reviews. The newest movies are on the top.
Rating is out of 5 Crowns 👑👑👑👑👑

A Cure for Wellness Score 1.0 ~ Small Screen ~ Wait until it is free on HBO
The Great Wall Score: 2.5 ~~ Big Screen for beautiful cinematography
Fist Fight Score: 1.5 ~~ Small Screen Comedy
Gifted Score: 3.0 ~ Small Screen Family Drama
John Wick Score: 3.0 ~~ Big Screen if you've seen the first otherwise wait for Small Screen
Lego Batman Score: 4.5 ~~ Big Screen of course it's animated
The Founder Score: 3.5 ~ Small Screen ~ Wait for Netflix
Split Score: 3.5 ~~ Big Screen; you'll lose some of the "thriller/suspense" at home
Silence Score 4.5 ~~ Big Screen; 1 Oscar nomination
Jackie Score: 4.5~~ Big Screen; 3 Oscar nominations
A Dog's Purpose (and controversy) Score: 3 ~~ No need to see this in the theaters
Hidden Figures  Score: 5 ~ Bif Screen Won 1 SAG award; 3 Oscar nominations
Fences Score: 5 ~~ Big Screen; Won 1 Golden Globe, 2 SAG awards; 4 Oscar nominations
Manchester By The Sea Score 5 ~~ Won 1 Golden Globe, 6 Oscar nominations
La La Land Score: 4.5 ~~ Big Screen Won 7 Golden Globes, 1 SAG award, 14 Oscar nominations

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